Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday waffle

Feeling so much better today - fuzziness has all gone and left with only minor sniffles and cough - whoohoo.

J's 30th tomorrow - made her a card which I'm really happy with (mainly because I like the colours. The background of the card is white (just in case it looks like the tags are sticking over the top of the blue card).

Considering all I did last night was make 2 cards, I have made one hell of a mess - thank goodness I can just shut the door in this room (although will get it cleared before I go away at the weekend).

PS3 not now being released until next year - that's one less temptation for LB!!!

Til later.


maggie said...

Love the card lisa love the colours

Jane said...

oooh cool card !! definately worth the mess left behind ! lol ! well done you !

Kathy said...

Great card Lisa.

The bad news is......You've just been tagged from my blog!