Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tales of my travels & being back home

Got back on Sunday, but finding it difficult to get back in the swing of things so not been in the mood for writing here. Holiday was lovely and relaxing. Weather was mostly good although we had a few iffy days - also saw a couple of spectacular thunder storms.

Don't think I'd rush back to the resort as it was a sprawling and characterless, but the old town of Alcudia was really nice.

Did an island tour one day, which started off with a bus ride to Palma, which is absolutely gorgeous. After that we went on the old wooden lemon train and then got a tram to Soller. Went out on a boat round the bay, but couldn't go further as it was too stormy. Then the bus went up over the mountains and on the way back down I saw a baby donkey!!!!! That's me achieved one of my lifetime ambitions.

Went on another boat trip to Formentor - a bit of a disappointment - scenery not the most interesting - after you've seen cliffs for 20 mins, the next hour seems a bit repetitive. Formentor was a bit of a disappointment too - a really pretty bay but there didn't seem to be much there apart from an overpriced cafe.

Got a pretty good tan - the Germans have to be up early to beat me to the beach, although I did make friends with the German men who used to have the sunbeds next to me - taught them English for sunbed and some other English words and swapped some good stories with them (although I don't speak any German). Unfortunately since I got home tan is fading fast.

Went back to work on Tuesday - was eventful - went to conference for some lunch and one of the waitresses got stung and went into anaphylactic (sp?) shock - was really frightening - luckily some of our guys knew how to deal with it and helped her until the paramedics got there. A brought B and me back lovely Ghost perfume from his hols - it smells yummy - can't wait to go somewhere now to wear it.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the crane opening ceremony. Went really well - I bet there's not many people who can say they've seen fireworks on a crane in broad daylight - was remarkably effective though. Was so tired last night as it was a long day - couldn't even stay up past 22:00, which is mega early for me.
Weekend already tomorrow - think I'm meeting Miss JP in Ed on Saturday. Really looking forward to next weekend too.


Jane said...

yay ! she's back ! really missed your blog ! glad to see you back. Lovely to hear of all the places I used to go on hols when I was younger. Welcome home !

maggie said...

I know how you feel Lisa i cant get into the swing of things since i got home in the early hours of sunday morning.And my tan is starting to fade to.We also did the pollensa trip a few years ago same thing with the boat it was very windy enjoyed the train ride but didn't enjoy the bus ride going round all those bends in the very narrow roads going up towards the mountains it was scarry at parts.

Kathy said...

A crane opening ceremony?
I can't beat that so I won't even try.

Welcome home, Lisa. Have you booked your next trip yet? We were driving home from France and deciding that the next holiday will be much lazier, and somewhere less WET

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lisa, glad you had a nice holiday. Will have to meet up soon for another craft day!