Saturday, July 01, 2006


I know this is really unimportant but today for the first time since last summer I wore big earrings - couldn't get home quick enough to get bloody things out - they look lovely but are quite heavy.

Went shopping to Stirling with M today. I wasn't looking for anything, but managed to get a hat for Lou's wedding - must ask her if I'm meant to be going alone or taking a friend (must find out how it works when it is just your name on invite; it seems so rude to ask - any advice would be appreciated). M didn't get anything, but we had a nice day (even though I was bored stupid after 30 mins - luckily she knows my shopping tolerance so expected it).

Popped into Pivos for a few drinks (well M was driving so could only have one) and that revived me a bit, specially since I hadn't had any brekkie or lunch.

F & C meant to be coming for dinner & drinks 2nite, but Fee is ill so just me and Clairebear - will be good to catch up on her honeymoon tales and stuff.

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