Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday at last. I was so tired yesterday - ended up sleeping for about 12 hours. Yesterday at work wasn't particularly exciting - I was the only one from our team in - in fact the whole of the upstairs level was like a morgue.

Managed to get black flipflops yesterday, although I don't like them as much as my poor dead ones. Hopefully they'll be ok, and I might find another pair before I go on holiday or whilst I'm on holiday.

Was going to drag my fat arse off to the gym first thing this morning, but since I overslept it's looking like being around lunch time by the time I get there. Then back to do boring housework-type stuff - sometimes I wonder what has happened to me - life just seems so dull (really can't face that it's because I'm older now and it will be like this ever more). I'm sure things will be different if I ever get the chance to live abroad.

Eating was really good this week - no blips at all (well apart from 2 percy pigs but they're only 25 cals each, so a 50 cal blip over 7 days is ok). Still not lost much weight though.
Better head off now or I'll never get to that gym...

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