Friday, July 21, 2006

It's been that sort of day where I've intended on working wonders but actually achieved v. little. Thank goodness I'm still off until Tuesday. Managed to get some trousers and tops yesterday although one pair of trousers and a top will need to go back because they're too big - sort of thought they would be but the shop didn't have my size.
Got F coming round for dinner tomorrow - should be a really nice day - we're going to do something in the afternoon too - either sit out the back with a bottle of wine if the weather's good or head to the pub for a couple (I've already told her I can't drink more than 3 or 4 in ther afternoon or I won't want to cook dinner at night). Will be good to catch up - need to clear all the shit out the dining room.
Must remember to call G & D and see if one of them can fit my car stereo - it's driving me nuts having no music (only remembered about this when I saw it in the dining room earlier!!)
Eating this week has been really really good although weight loss has been poor (it's bound to come off eventually). I did have an icecream on Wednesday night, but I had sort of wanted it all day, so only had a carrot for dinner.
That's about it really - nothing much been happening to me. Looking forward to getting a holiday sorted soon though. Really must make an effort to get hall finished too - started off all enthusiastic a month or so ago and have now totally lost interest.

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