Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I was lost and now I'm found :D:D

A little song from my camera for the title today.
No... he wasn't left in a pub/taxi like I thought :D!! My lovely amazing b/f found him on Sat for me when I asked him to hoover my livingroom whilst I was tidying the dining room "What's in this box behind the couch?" says S. "What box?" says me. "This box" he says showing me an A4 paper box. "Not a clue" says me. I looked in it and found some books M lent me and the camera!!!!! I vaguely remember running out of time when C & A came for dinner months ago, so presuming I shoved stuff from livingroom in the box and hid it behind the couch (I'm a great fan of the out of sight out of mind method of housework!!!)
Pain in the neck
For everyone who advised me to go to the docs about my sore neck 6 months ago, i'm now taking the advice. It's never gone away for more than a couple of days and has been terrible this week - making me feel sick etc, so I'm going on Thu - will prob get sent away with a junior disprin or something I reckon though.
Not going to Spanish tonight because of it, which is a bummer, but can't face sitting at a desk all night and concentrating. Will make P's necklace and card and finish her bracelet instead I think.
Girlie day out
Got an email from R today about meeting up in the afternoon on 1/2 June - hope the others can make it cos it will be nice to all catch up again.
Other stuff
I'm sure I have some other stuff to post, but can't think of it right now, so I'll post later if it pops into my head again.
ttfn bloggy-types xoxo

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Lynne.x said...

re: Girlie day out - I can make it - yay!!!!, looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Glad you found your camera and your gonna see the Doc about your neck .... see you in June..x