Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The week with no number

Since I don’t believe in giving days or weeks a rating of less than 4, this week shall henceforth be known as the week with no number.

Got off to a bad start yesterday when I got some really bad news when I went into work. That sort of put me on a downer for the day

Was looking forward to going to John Cale last night, but it didn’t materialise – went to Photoshop instead, which was good but quite difficult. Loathe myself for having something to eat when I went home though, as trying not to eat after 3pm. At least TBC came yesterday, although it’s still lying in my bag as wasn’t in the mood for it.

Today isn’t much better to be honest – still hate myself for letting myself go so much that I am just a big blob. To make matters worse, I can’t even get anyone to go to The Killers with me – all my friends are either busy or don’t want to go – so it’s looking like I’ll have to go on my own, which won’t be nearly as much fun.

So basically, at the moment all my high hopes for this year are fading fast already – hopefully next couple of days will bring an upturn.


Lynne.x said...

You keep your chin girl ...... when are we gonna meet up and talk paper and shiney stuff ..... ?

Rhi said...

Oh Lisa, big {{{hugs}}} You are in no way a blob, you're a beautiful, elegant, stylish, creative woman.

We definately need to meet up soon, Ive got the SECC in March penciled in my diary but we could do something before then too?

Take care of yourself
Rhi x

Saffa said...

Lisa! Poor you for having a bad time of it!

Sending lots of hugs


Kathy said...

You sound like you need some hugs, so they're on their way up to you right now.

Lisa, don't let it all get you down - it's just January - it does that to people, you need to be gentler on yourself kidda.

Sue said...

sounds a crap day!!! sending love xxxxx