Friday, January 05, 2007

In 2007 I hope to... the following things (plus some others)
  • work less play more :D:D
  • make a shedload of stuff and do a craft fair
  • drop some weight
  • become more glam
  • get back to the gym
  • try to see my friends more
  • throw some parties
  • not change too much (cos I love being me)

Hopefully the above things will make me more like the old Lisa. I've also got a couple of things I really wish will happen, but obviously I can't write them down or they won't.

ttfn xoxo


Jane said...

great list Lisa ! looks like fun. wishing you a very happy 2007 and everything you are dreaming of

Rhi said...

Wow Lisa, I reckon you're pretty glam already girl! Good luck with the list, especially work less play more :)
Rhi x

Dollydimps said...

good luck with the list Lisa, but don't you dare change!! xx

Freckles said...

You is already very glam! And I agree don't go changing - I loves you just the way you are. I like the seeing more of your friends though, I vow to try to keep that one too. xx

Lynne.x said...

I agree - you are one glam laydeee, who doesn't need to change at all. Work less play more (with crafty friends)should be a new law me thinks .... BD

Rachel said...

Lisa your fab the way you are hun xxxx Happy New Year xxxxxxxxx

Kathy said...

You're so brave to post your list.

Good luck with all you try to achieve in '07

Jo said...

fab list, I hope you manage to achieve it all... and all the bits that you really want to happen but not write down incase they do not come true lol. (I am sure that they will :))

jo xx