Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Well 2007 is upon is and I hope it's a bit cheerier than 2006. Best just to say 2006 wasn't really a personal best for me - seem to have got to that stage in my life where all my friends have gotten married or are in long-term relationships, so never seem to be available for nights out etc - I suppose this is just something I'm going to have to come to terms with, although it's difficult for me cos I love going out so much.

2006 did bring some good things. Went on holiday with Mum and we got on fine, which was a relief. Also managed to get some decorating done and new carpets in the rooms that needed them. Worked far too many hours, which meant jewellery and card making had to take a back seat, which was really disappointing for me - I had so many plans and ideas for stuff, but no time/energy to put them into action.

Hogmanay plans didn't go quite according to plan, as weather meant Stirling Castle got cancelled. Went down to M's though and we had a nice night watching tv with the girls.

Back to work tomorrow - this seems to have been the shortest Christmas break ever - been really tired and drained all hols so that's most of the stuff I had planned to do still not done.

Anyways I have a list as long as a monster's arm for all the things I want to do in 2007 both personally and to make me a better person.

ttfn - hope 2007 brings you everything you wish for.


Freckles said...

Thanks a million for coming through today, was lovely to see you and catch up. My present is brilliant can't wait to give it a go. I promise to be more available for nights out this year. xx

Lynne.x said...

Happy New Year Lisa. Was thinking about you on Hogmanay when I heard Stirling Castle was canceled, but sound like you had a fab time with the girls.

Well I feel a crafty Meet brewing, which is just as good as a night out. :D

Tracey said...

Happy New year Lisa. Sorry your plans had to be cancelled. Good old Scottish weather eh!.
Hope to catch up with you soon
Tracey xxx