Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just Stuff

Just a little update on things so far... Friday nigh was great, although meal at Est Est Est was very average (and overpriced). Had such a laugh at the Jam House as it was a really good crowd that turned up. I had sore feet by 1am, which wasn't too bad considering I had had my new shoes on since 8 in the morning without a break. Got home about 2:45 and just went straight to bed.
Yesterday I didn't do much - just the usual boring housy stuff, then went with M to see H & O in their dance show. They were really good (so were E & R, the other 2 girls I knew who were in it). Was finished by 10:30 so nipped into Asda on the way home (but forgot to get milk again and really fancy tea or coffee - can't really be arsed going to the shop though so will just have hot orange instead).
Got some cards and jewellery to catch up on today, but I sort of know what I'm doing for most of the stuff so should get it finished today.
Hopefully going to John Cale with N tomorrow, so will report back.
Toodles xoxo

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Morning Lisa!