Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Hundred Percent...

...going to The Killers next month. Thinking about making it the start of a long weekend as it's my birthday that weekend and I don't normally do anything for it.
Also added to my list of things I need to start doing:
  • Use a different handbag each day (or thereabouts) instead of using one for months and having the rest all piled up in boxes.
  • Ditto shoes and boots
  • Eat a breakfast - I loathe eating in the mornings, but I must learn to do it - had some Special K this morning and it was ok.
  • Chuck out some clothes

Will add more when I think of them.

ttfn xoxo


Paula said...

what a fab birthday gift, The Killers!!!
I never have the CD off the stereo!
Except when I'm playing Muse & My Chemical Romance that is!!!!

Em said...

Oh my word Lisa - can't believe how similar your "list" is to mine!!

Have decided that if I am to continue with my habit of purchasing around 25 bags a month, it might be wise to use some of them every now and then LOL!

Good luck!

Em x

Freckles said...

You lucky bugger ; ) Well done on the tix front! I'd say thats the perfect way to start your birthday x

Sue said...

dont forget to swap ALL the contents...I LURVE bags but often get caught out!!!