Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Burn Babeh, Burn

Wooohoooo ordered the Burning Crusade today (even though I've not even been on WoW for a week). Should come tomorrow, but going out tomorrow night & Friday & Sat so may get a quick couple of hours on Thursday. Did sensible stuffs too like order some stuff for making necklaces to add to my non existant stock.
Managed to pick up some garments on my hour long (!!!!!) shopping trip on Saturday - only have a couple of take-backs in amongst them, so I'll do that on my way home on Thursday night. Killing time atm til I go for my hair cut - can't wait cos I look so skanky with the last week or so.
College class started back last night - it was great to get back into it. Sneaked a peek at the macs when I was going along the corridor.
GTG cos either need to clean desk before I go back out or think about cleaning it and do it when I get home again.
ttfn xoxo

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Kathy said...

Good to catch up with you Lisa -= you sound busy!

What's all this tidy desk stuff? I don't understand what one is....