Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reality Strikes

Well, that's almost my first full week back at work and it really hasn't been too bad at all (although I'm struggling to get up in the mornings, which isn't like me). Very positive about this year though (even if I do already know a few bad things are going to happen). I've not posted the last few days cos all my waking, non-working hours have been taken up by watching the darts!!!

Lucky Mum is off to the Caribbean tomorrow - so jealous.

Going to
The Jam House for a leaving night next Friday, so need to try to pick up a new outfit tomorrow lunchtime. Oh and getting hair done on Tuesday, which is great news cos the other day it looked so skanky I had to wear my fave Chanel lipgloss just to make me look half presentable. Was going to do the whole skirt and high heels thing today, but the weather was shit so opted for trousers and boots instead - I swear bloody crappy Scotland is the biggest hinderence to my glamness.

Got C & A coming for dinner on Sat, which will be fun as I'll get to do my Nigella bit, then drink copious amounts of champagne, red wine and amaretto :D:D:D. Must rem to shift remainder of underlay that i put in the dining room when I got the hall done though.

Anyways ttfn bloggy-types, hopefully I'll post tales tomorrow full of the joys of walking into the first clothes shop I see and finding the perfect outfit right by the door (although knowing me, the tales could well be of a tantrum I have in a clothes shop cos they don't have anything I want).


Lynne.x said...

I've been watching a bit of the darts too ..... it is on as I type this .... It's so addictive .... 8D

Freckles said...

Hope the shopping went well, maybe you managed to pick up a sale bargain to boot! Do you want to stay at mine next Friday night, offer of a bed is there for you, save you heading home early or not being able to drink as much. xx

Sue said...

so did you get an outfit??

Paula said...

I am very much a morning person & since xmas have only been up on time once!!! It is the darkness & the wet, never remember it this bad or is it my age showing!!