Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Fireworks

Ok, ok - I know bonfire night isn't until Sunday, but the title sounded nice. Had to work a bit late tonight, but knew about it earlier in the week so wasn't too fussed.

Still having trouble with the heating - will need to call about it if it hasn't sorted itself out over the weekend. Not doing much this weekend - might have M's kids for an afternoon (or one of them) as she has an essay to do, but they are great fun and like making stuff so it'll be nice if I do.
Still need to organise someone to go to firework display on Sunday - will ask C tomorrow as she likes fireworks.

Next Friday I'm hoping to go see
The Flaming Lips (as long as I can still get a ticket and N doesn't mind me tagging along.
G was meant to drop a stripper round today but she didn't and is working all weekend (although she might still drop it round first thing in the morning I suppose).
Off to read my book in a nice long hot bath soon, and may partake in a couple of glasses of vino before bedtime.
Toodles bloggy peoples xoxoxo


Freckles said...

There are lots of fireworks going off here tonight : ). Was supposed to be going to a mates firework display but Richard has stuff on so we can't go - Sat night on my own, first time in ages and I'm feeling a tad bored!! Parents coming over tomorrow night to watch fireworks at meadowbank from flat.
Enjoy your firework display x

LisaBabe said...

Taddish bored myself sweetie. Wish I had known you weren't going cos we could've done something.

Looking forward to fireworks tomorrow cos it's one of the few things Falkirk does well (apart from streetfighting and buckie and drugs of course!!!)


Kathy said...

were you disappointed when the stripper didn't arrive?????

Don't forget you've got some sewing to do missy!