Monday, November 06, 2006

Who is...

…this bad tempered person who has taken over my body today and how low will they stay there? Ok, I know I’m probably considered to be slightly volatile even on a good day, but today has just been one long rant for me. I think I have been possessed by Kevin the Teenager. Absolutely anything and everything is seriously pissing me off today.

I really must get myself in order over the next couple of months. Right now I hardly ever go out anymore cos I’m not happy with the way I look (shallow and vain I know, but at least I don’t care how other people look), so firstly I need to do something about that (just wish I could find an overnight solution). Then I need to persuade like-minded peoples to join me in nights of revelry.

Anyways, enough self-pitying crap – absolutely adamant I’m not going to turn into one of those whiny ‘poor me’ people, cos actually my life is really fucking great and I love being me. I do realise things/people can’t be perfect all the time, but think sometimes I have high expectations and a slightly overactive imagination (but there again would much rather have an overactive one that have none at all!!).

Who knows – next year I may even decide to compromise now and again – haha dream on folks!!!
Oh, and since I hardly ever post pics of myself, here's me looking far too happy at work today:

Number 1 in my new list of things you do even though you know it's not quite right somehow: Dipping a fun size Snickers into your mug of hot orange - not quite the same as dipping it into tea somehow.


Kathy said...

Great pic Lisa - is that one of your own bracelets you're wearing?

Freckles said...

Love the photos of the fireworks, I love sparkles in the sky : )
Secondly I'm sorry you are feeling like Kevin the teenager! I'm sure you will shake it off in a couple of days. I can always be persuaded to go on a night out, and seriously when the flat is in better shape, I will have you over and we can head out. I love you lots and you look fab despite what you always think!! Jo xx

LisaBabe said...

Awww Jo thanks sweetie - I have had the spirit of Kevin exorcised overnight and am back to normal today.

Kathy, yes that is one of my bracelets - I really need to get back into beaded stuff - got a nice Swarovski one to do for someone this week.

Anonymous said...

Aww Lisa (hugs) sorry to hear you had a pants monday, I hate days like that :(

Great to see a pic of you though, you've gotta show us more of you and your fabby jewellery :D

Paula said...

That bracelet is gorgeous.
Must have been something in the air on Monday, National Down Day.....

Debbie said...

Lisa - fab piccie of you - you look really happy - not the least bit Keviness at all! LOL Great bracelet as well - you clever thing.

Take care :-)


P.S. I've been a whiny "Poor Me" for the last few months - hopefully I'll get over it one day! ROFLMAO