Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thrills

Made this necklace for a colleague last night (used Swarovski crystal golden shadow seashell & 6mm bicones & 4mm silk bicones, along with 2mm sterling silver beads). Really enjoyed making it and have a good idea for a new one for myself too (will use the money I get for this one for the stuff for mine).
Really glad it's the weekend tomorrow, although it's been a pretty quick week. Deffo going to Flaming Lips - apparently they put on a great show, so looking forward to that bigstyle.
Ordered WoW today (knowing my luck it won't come until after the weekend though).
That's about it for tonight - going to attempt to have a productive evening (once I've watched the news and had a nice long bath of course).
TTFN xoxo
  • Saw this question on the news - Would you say someone else was driving if you got got on a speed camera?
  • LB answer - If they would admit to it, damn sure I would (although as of a couple of months ago I do have a clean driving licence - so glad the one from Edinburgh in the summer didn't come through!!)


Anonymous said...

This is such a beatuiful piece Lisa - :D

Paula said...

What a stunning piece of jewellery, your colleague will be very proud to wear that.
You deserve a treat now for all your hard work!! (well personally I think we should have treats 24/7)

Kathy said...

Oh Lisa, that is a beautiful necklace - i wish my stuff was half as good as yours.

Debbie said...

Lisa - what a lovely necklace :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Necklace *drool* Cant wait to see the one you make for yourself.

The speed camera thing... apparently in Scotland, you're not legally obliged to say who was driving the car if it wasn't you. Just something I heard come up in conversation so I dont know if its true.

Hope WoW comes, warning though, it takes hours to install!