Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday tittle-tattle

Good evening little bloggy peoples, hope this post finds you all well. Lots of things to report since my last posting.

Firstly autumn is definitely here – I’m missing summer already and trying to decide where to go on hols next year (and who to persuade to go with me). Finally got heating to come on (sort of, but don’t really know what I did – all rooms in flat cosy and toasty though so can’t complain).

Went to SECC with L, N & R on Sunday – we had an absolute ball (it was a pity T couldn’t make it this time though). I did almost lose my debit card, but luckily I had left it in the machine thingy when I bought a ticket (then scampered off to grab a can of irn bru which was a total rip off). Apparently they called us on the tannoy & stuff, but I must’ve been so busy getting my e-number fix I didn’t notice. Luckily about 3 hours later I noticed that my purse was open and my card wasn’t in it, so went back to the desk to recover it. Got some nice crafty stuff (see photo below), which can hopefully be put to use on the long dark winter nights.
Work’s been really good so far this week, although complete bedlam – don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

Photoshop class was last night – I had spend 7 hours at work on one document, so that coupled with 3 hours of digital editing did mean my eyes were pretty tired by the time I got home. Was really, really pleased with some of my images though; I was working on photos I took in Palma (which I realise I still haven’t posted here yet) and seriously considering getting a couple of them put onto canvas.

Finally did some food shopping today – went to Morrisons for a change – was really impressed – had a great selection and made a change from the normal Asda or (dreaded) Tesco routine. Got some yummy olives stuffed with lemon, monkey nuts since it’s Halloween and mint Matchmakers because they’re nice, so sort of got a sore belly from eating so much. In a similar vein I got a cracking little cookbook on Friday – lots of really nice stuff in it, so will need to organise some dinners in the next couple of months.

Finally went to see C on Saturday – her wedding photos were great and they’re settling in to the new house really well. She invited me to The Witchery on 23rd Dec, should be a fab night (and by a strange coincidence I’m off to Rhubarb at Prestonfield House the weekend before.(luckily the menus are quite different as they’re owned by the same people).

Spanish class tonight, so off to attempt to cram a week’s work into half an hour.



Paula said...

My word missy, you run yourself ragged dontcha'!!! No wonder you missed summer. Hopefully you can while away the winter nights in craft heaven with your new bits & pieces & plan your holiday... my dad is in Oz lucky thing..its pouring with rain here just for a change!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa I forget about my new Sizzix alphabet ...... I have used it a couple of time since Sunday, your right, it's great.xx

Anonymous said...

Its great to see all your stash in one pic, yummy papers and I cant wait to see what you do with those embossing powders, the demo was amazing even if the guy doing it did smell like a pub!

Freckles said...

You have been so busy I feel tired just looking at all you've been up to. Mmmmm the Witchery and Rhubarb - you are more than welcome to come and stay with me after your dinners. Looking forward to the holiday pics. xx