Monday, November 13, 2006

Pain in the Neck

OMG I don't know what I've done, but can't move my head without seeing stars. Think I have a trapped nerve or done something to a muscle. Caused a major moment of self pity this morning, but getting over it now.

Heating finally broke over the weekend - could kick myself cos I knew it was acting up but didn't bother doing anything about it (I seem to have a permanent "leave it alone and it'll sort itself out attitude to things like this - why oh why do I never learn!!). E-mailed Scottish Power to come and fix it, as I hate speaking to halfwits on the phone and always end up losing it.

Nothing much else to report - after having such a nice time on Friday, the rest of the weekend was pretty flat.
On a sad note, M's little puppy, Angel, didn't recover from the infection she had and died yesterday :(. Also read today that Desert Orchid died. I don't think I'll ever get another pet cos I just get too attached.
Photoshop tonight, but can't be arsed going cos my neck hurts too much. It will be worth it if I can learn to make myself look perfect though ;)
Toodles xoxo


Anonymous said...

{{{Oh Lisa}}} - hope your neck has eased off a bit. Great card - I've not opened my Blonde Moments yet - I'm sure I will one day.xx

Kathy said...

oooh Lisa, sounds painful - you take it easy and if it doesn't get better, get yourself off to the Medical Man

Debbie said...

Lisa - hope you feel better soon.

Debbie said...

So sad to her about
Angel :-(

Freckles said...

Go to the Doctor!! said in motherly and knowing tone : ) xx

Jo said...

:( hope you are not feeling so poorly now. Loving the blonde moments card :)

Jo xx

Saffa said...


I hope you are feeling better! Its horrible when you do things like that Im always doing silly things without even realizing I have done them! Take i easy and get plenty of rest