Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday Catchup (even though it's Tuesday)

Took a day's holiday yesterday so had a nice long weekend. Back at work today and Spanish tonight though and really tired for some reason. Neck still hurting like a hurty thing and really beginning to get me down. According to Doc trapezius muscle keeps going into spasms which sort of explains why it's so painful and why I can't turn my head more than a couple of centimetres to the left. Unfortunately not a lot I can do about it apart from antiinflammatories, heat pack every night and try to stretch it out. B and I were hoping to get back to the gym, but Doc advised against it so looks like I may need to do a no eating plan instead.

Weekend was good. S fitted his old surround sound system in my living room so it's really good now. Mum took me, G, S & A for dinner on Sat night for me and G's birthdays - meal was really nice but I nearly choked when G made me laugh when I was taking a drink of wine - I hate when this happens - twice in one month now. S's Mum & Dad invited us round for dinner on Sun, so we had mega full tummies by Sunday night.
Mum wants me and G to go shopping in Glasgow on Sat as well. I've said I'll go but won't stay much longer than an hour as that is the absolute extreme of my shopping patience. Would really like a pair of pink shoes though :D:D

Really looking forward to meeting up with R & L on Sun. I won't have much money to spend (nothing new there!) but would like a couple of Cuttlebug dies and a couple of 6x6ish paper pads.
Would like to make a couple of bracelets before spanish (and maybe something else when I get home) although I really should be tidying this room up - will try to get that done tomorrow though cos neck might not be quite as sore. Have put a couple of photos up of room when I first did it last year to shame me into getting my fat arse into gear!!! - no way would I put up a photo of now!!

ttfn bloggy-types xoxoxo

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Card & Pressie

It's S's goddaughter P's 9th birthday on Monday. She loves jewellery (and my big purple heart necklace) and her fave colour's blue, so I made this this Swarovski pendant and bracelet for her (thanks to N for measuring R's neck for me). The bracelet uses kids size memory wire, 6mm Swarovski light sapphire bicones and 4mm crystal AB bicones. The pendant is a Swarovski 28mm light sapphire heart with silver wire and crystals attached to s silver hanger on silver coloured ribbon.

She also likes making cards, so hope this effort is up to her standards ( know I do this style of card with 3 tags far too often, but I like it cos it's so flexible). Papers are mostly from my great DCWV Paper Stack No 4 (letters are cut from glitter card), font is Sizzix Curly Girlie and cake, candle and present are all QK

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Starting from Scratch

Friday's DCM challenge was set by Tracie:

"For this weeks dare, I dare you to "start from scratch" I want to you design a card with NO purchased/pre-assembled embellishments - that means no blooms unless you cut them yourself, no buttons, brads etc etc. I guess how easy this is depends on your usual style"

This one wasn't too tricky for me at all, as I often do cards like this (infact if you look at the Claire one below, I was a week ahead of the challenge!!) I've added this one, which I've decided to put in my sample box for G to take into work (not got enough yet though cos I keep using them).
Papers used were all DCWV. Font is Sizzix Nouveau and beers are QK.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I was lost and now I'm found :D:D

A little song from my camera for the title today.
No... he wasn't left in a pub/taxi like I thought :D!! My lovely amazing b/f found him on Sat for me when I asked him to hoover my livingroom whilst I was tidying the dining room "What's in this box behind the couch?" says S. "What box?" says me. "This box" he says showing me an A4 paper box. "Not a clue" says me. I looked in it and found some books M lent me and the camera!!!!! I vaguely remember running out of time when C & A came for dinner months ago, so presuming I shoved stuff from livingroom in the box and hid it behind the couch (I'm a great fan of the out of sight out of mind method of housework!!!)
Pain in the neck
For everyone who advised me to go to the docs about my sore neck 6 months ago, i'm now taking the advice. It's never gone away for more than a couple of days and has been terrible this week - making me feel sick etc, so I'm going on Thu - will prob get sent away with a junior disprin or something I reckon though.
Not going to Spanish tonight because of it, which is a bummer, but can't face sitting at a desk all night and concentrating. Will make P's necklace and card and finish her bracelet instead I think.
Girlie day out
Got an email from R today about meeting up in the afternoon on 1/2 June - hope the others can make it cos it will be nice to all catch up again.
Other stuff
I'm sure I have some other stuff to post, but can't think of it right now, so I'll post later if it pops into my head again.
ttfn bloggy-types xoxo

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Blues

Actually I don't have them. Feeling very positive this week - that's what leaving the office on time (or nearly on time) for a couple of weeks does for you :D:D Only 8 o'clock and already I've cleared freezer, cleaned hob, emptied dishwasher, made dinner and had a lovely hour long bath!!!
That's enough housework for one night though so now I'm going to make some stuff for cards using Fimo moulds and make the necklace to go with the bracelet I've done for P's birthday - need to find out what age she'll be so I can do her card. Will scan them when I get them done. I really need to get a new camera and a scanner for home, as atm I have to use my office scanner and no camera cos I can't find mine - chances are it's in a pub someplace :(
Really need to think about making a website too...
Toodles xoxo

Friday, May 11, 2007

Last Night...

... I made this card for C's birthday - it's not for a couple of weeks yet, but for once in my life I'm a bit organised (C doesn't read this so don't have to worry about her seeing it here).

I used BG Blush papers; alphabet is Curly Girlie and shapes are from the QK Sunshine set.

Also got another order from G's workmate who wants another Swarovski pendant for next week (black this time). Black and pale pink seem very popular this year!

Hope to get a few other things made over the weekend, but you know how quickly those 2 days seem to rush by sometimes.

tarra for a bit (heheh been watching lots of old Auf Wiedersehen Pets)

oh ps filled in my craft spend/income spreadsheet a couple of days ago and am pleased to see I've still made slightly more than I've spend - only a few pounds but don't care - still sticking to my aim to not spend too much.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Clear Our Continues

Today has been a great day for me. I'm back full of inspiration and enthusiasm for making cards and jewelley, thanks mainly to Bex's fantastic new forum. It's good to see a lot of faces there I haven't seen for a while.

Spent last night clearing out my bead collection, which was great - now I'll be able to find things a bit easier hopefully. Still need to do card stuff, so will spend some time at that tonight after dinner, then hopefully make a couple of bracelets or something later.

Did these invites in Photoshop at work today for a dinner for someone who is retiring soon - really pleased with the outcome so will print them and post them out on Friday.

Going to see S's band play in BTW on Sat, so that should be a good night, although I'm a bit skint cos don't get paid til next Tue. Just chilling the rest of the weekend and hopefully sorting out some crap from kitchen cupboards etc.

Toodles for now - if I make any stuff tonight, I'll scan and post again tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Don't you just love...

...Bank Holiday Weekends!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the fabbiest time - took an extra couple of days off at the end of last week and went down to Berwick upon Tweed for a couple of nightswith S. We had the best time!!!
Came back on Sat - was G's birthday and I hadn't even made her a card, so managed to buy one with a little dog who looked like Charlie in a bucket (Charlie is G's new adopted Westie and is a girl not a boy). Had been invited to a golf club thingy with S at night, but come teatime we couldn't be arsed cos were dead lazy so didn't go.
Back at work today - wasn't too bad really.
Off now to tackle this purple room as I have some jewellery and cards I'd like to make a start on this week.
ttfn xoxo