Sunday, November 26, 2006

Obligatory Update

Friday night was really great (although I realised about 20 mins before I was due to get picked up that the skirt and top I had been planning to wear didn't go with each other - I know I should have checked beforehand, but no-one ever does do they).
Was so tired for the rest of the weekend though - really can't wait until crimbo to get some time off - feel at the moment my weekends are a total waste cos spend them exhausted.
Have nearly finished the hall - what a nightmare that's been - how can such a small area have 9 doors in it. Doesn't help matters that the stupid people who lived here before me wallpapered then put on new skirtings/doorframes/coving on top of the paper!!!
Decorator is coming a week tomorrow so need to go to B&Q on Wednesday night to see if they have any paper I like (if not I'll go to Homebase on Thursday). Need to lift the carpet after I've finished the stripping next weekend too - god it's at times like this that I wish I wasn't single!
Anyways really tired tonight still so going to read for a couple of hours til it's time for sleep.
p.s. only 25xp from 15 - weeeeeeeeeeeeee (although I did attempt an instance on my own and got mega zapped - won't be doing that again).

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bad Bad Blogger

yup that's me - I've been completely useless lately cos neck was so sore last week and been so busy at work this week - luckily neck is well on the way to being better now. I haven't even had the chance to take a wander around my fave blogs, so will be doing that tonight (along with just generally chilling).
Off out to a party night tomorrow. Can't decide what to wear though - for someone who doesn't go out much these days I still seem to have a plethora (i do love that word) of party outfits in my wardrobe. Really looking forward to it - will report on any tasty men on Saturday (hahaha fat bloody chance of that happening round about here!!).
Anyways ttfn - have other pressing things to do (and would really like to get another level on WoW).

Ribbon for Men

Well better late than never I suppose - just been so so busy with work this week. Here's my card for this week's Daring Cardmakers challenge. It was a card I did for a friend who celebrated his birthday on Halloween (hence the colour scheme).

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pain in the Neck

OMG I don't know what I've done, but can't move my head without seeing stars. Think I have a trapped nerve or done something to a muscle. Caused a major moment of self pity this morning, but getting over it now.

Heating finally broke over the weekend - could kick myself cos I knew it was acting up but didn't bother doing anything about it (I seem to have a permanent "leave it alone and it'll sort itself out attitude to things like this - why oh why do I never learn!!). E-mailed Scottish Power to come and fix it, as I hate speaking to halfwits on the phone and always end up losing it.

Nothing much else to report - after having such a nice time on Friday, the rest of the weekend was pretty flat.
On a sad note, M's little puppy, Angel, didn't recover from the infection she had and died yesterday :(. Also read today that Desert Orchid died. I don't think I'll ever get another pet cos I just get too attached.
Photoshop tonight, but can't be arsed going cos my neck hurts too much. It will be worth it if I can learn to make myself look perfect though ;)
Toodles xoxo

¿Hablas Español?

Here's my first card for this week's Daring Cardmakers dare. Being crap at languages I opted for Spanish cos it was the only one I could do without having to look up the words. This is actuallly the second version as the first versoin had a Santa on it and I realised once it was finished that the 3 wise men bring the pressies in Spain.
Strangely enough I couldn't find a wise man at short notice (lol story of my life!!!!!)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Went to see Flaming Lips with N on Friday night - enjoyed myself so much :D:D. We left before the end cos N had a party to go to. I could've stayed on my own but I was worried I would feel a bit twonkish (you know me - love company at things). Would love to have a photo to post here, but idiot that I am, I forgot to take my camera.
Saturday I just slobbed about in jammies all day and did absolutely nothing - ended up going to bed before 1, which is why I'm up so bright and early on a Sunday morning.
G should finally bring the steamer up today, so hopefully the hall will be all stripped and carpet lifted by the end of tonight (that means I will be able to forget about it til the decorator comes in a couple of weeks).
Going now before I bore you all.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thrills

Made this necklace for a colleague last night (used Swarovski crystal golden shadow seashell & 6mm bicones & 4mm silk bicones, along with 2mm sterling silver beads). Really enjoyed making it and have a good idea for a new one for myself too (will use the money I get for this one for the stuff for mine).
Really glad it's the weekend tomorrow, although it's been a pretty quick week. Deffo going to Flaming Lips - apparently they put on a great show, so looking forward to that bigstyle.
Ordered WoW today (knowing my luck it won't come until after the weekend though).
That's about it for tonight - going to attempt to have a productive evening (once I've watched the news and had a nice long bath of course).
TTFN xoxo
  • Saw this question on the news - Would you say someone else was driving if you got got on a speed camera?
  • LB answer - If they would admit to it, damn sure I would (although as of a couple of months ago I do have a clean driving licence - so glad the one from Edinburgh in the summer didn't come through!!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Who is...

…this bad tempered person who has taken over my body today and how low will they stay there? Ok, I know I’m probably considered to be slightly volatile even on a good day, but today has just been one long rant for me. I think I have been possessed by Kevin the Teenager. Absolutely anything and everything is seriously pissing me off today.

I really must get myself in order over the next couple of months. Right now I hardly ever go out anymore cos I’m not happy with the way I look (shallow and vain I know, but at least I don’t care how other people look), so firstly I need to do something about that (just wish I could find an overnight solution). Then I need to persuade like-minded peoples to join me in nights of revelry.

Anyways, enough self-pitying crap – absolutely adamant I’m not going to turn into one of those whiny ‘poor me’ people, cos actually my life is really fucking great and I love being me. I do realise things/people can’t be perfect all the time, but think sometimes I have high expectations and a slightly overactive imagination (but there again would much rather have an overactive one that have none at all!!).

Who knows – next year I may even decide to compromise now and again – haha dream on folks!!!
Oh, and since I hardly ever post pics of myself, here's me looking far too happy at work today:

Number 1 in my new list of things you do even though you know it's not quite right somehow: Dipping a fun size Snickers into your mug of hot orange - not quite the same as dipping it into tea somehow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Remember, remember

Went to the firework display in Callendar Park with C & A, who kindly fed me before we walked up - first Sunday dinner if had in ages.

Fireworks were lovely - always just a normal firework display for bonfire night, not a sound and light thing like they do for Big in Falkirk, although they did have music playing too.

Here's a couple of photos I took - omg you've got to be quick to take photos of fireworks if you're not a great photographer.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Fireworks

Ok, ok - I know bonfire night isn't until Sunday, but the title sounded nice. Had to work a bit late tonight, but knew about it earlier in the week so wasn't too fussed.

Still having trouble with the heating - will need to call about it if it hasn't sorted itself out over the weekend. Not doing much this weekend - might have M's kids for an afternoon (or one of them) as she has an essay to do, but they are great fun and like making stuff so it'll be nice if I do.
Still need to organise someone to go to firework display on Sunday - will ask C tomorrow as she likes fireworks.

Next Friday I'm hoping to go see
The Flaming Lips (as long as I can still get a ticket and N doesn't mind me tagging along.
G was meant to drop a stripper round today but she didn't and is working all weekend (although she might still drop it round first thing in the morning I suppose).
Off to read my book in a nice long hot bath soon, and may partake in a couple of glasses of vino before bedtime.
Toodles bloggy peoples xoxoxo