Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another Work in Progress

I've still not done the polymer clay beads for my necklace, weather has been so nice and sunny and haven't wanted to be stuck in the spare room (which really needs decorated as it's quite dark). So, whilst my necklace awaits its finishing pieces, I decided to have a go at peyote stitch (which I had always been a bit chicken to try). I used a pattern from one of my Carol Wilcox Wells books (but changed some of the sizes to fit the beads I had).

Here's a sneaky peak of the bangle I decided to do. Not quite halfway yet and has taken a fair few hours so far.
I'm hoping it'll go well with the necklace, even though one is peyote and the other herringbone. Hopefully I have mixed sizes in both pieces and all the beads in the bangle are used in the necklace.

.....fingers crossed.

Thanks for looking

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