Monday, June 22, 2009

Lotus Bangle

Remember the lovely pink and purple beads I posted last week, well this is what I made with them. The pattern is by the ultra-talented Jennifer Airs

Also got this book last week, so have started learning shapes because I want to make almost everthing in it - the Moroccan lanterns (shown on the cover) are absolutely stunning, but probably way beyond my skill level at the moment.

Went to the Take That gig at Hampden on Saturday - only knew on Thursday I was going, as G called to say she knew someone who knew someone who could get 2 people in if Stu and I wanted to go. Never ones to turn down a freebie we jumped at the chance. Was a really really good show; obviously a lot of time and money had gone into designing the set and show. The mechanical elephant was fab and Stu and I were singing along to quite a few numbers. One of the support acts, Gary Go, was also really good. The other support was James Morrison, of whom least said the better!

Thanks for looking.

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