Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My First Attempt at Glass Beadmaking

I made these beads at the class I went to on Sunday -the other people in the class seemed to make more than me, but I didn't care because they had all worked with glass before.

The yellow, light amber and last amber were my last 3 and I really think I was beginning to get a hang of it by then. These ones seem much rounder etc and I felt I was more in control when I was doing them. You might see some bead release, because I didn't have time to clean them and my file is too big, and I also can't use them as wanted to take them home straight away instead of having them annealed (I knew they weren't up to a high enough standard to use in any jewellery. That said, I am inordinately proud of them and hoping to do another class in August.

I'd love to get a kit for making them, but realistically I don't have much spare time on my hands at the moment, so can't really justify the outlay for something I wouldn't utilise very often - hopefully at some point in the future, once I've had a bit more practice, I will be able to do it. Also meant to ask at the studio where the class was if it's possible to hire out kiln space etc.

Off to a polymer clay bead making class this Saturday, although this one only lasts a couple of hours and isn't expensive - I have most of the stuff I'd need for clay beads, but just thought it would be nice to get a little bit of tuition instead of trying to learn from a book all the time - sometimes it's nice to see someone actually making things to learn techniques etc.


Sarah said...

I think they are gorgeous!! Clever you :) xx

Kathy said...

Those are fantastic Lisa - wonderful colours too