Monday, August 13, 2007

Eeep - It can't possibly be a week since I last updated!!

Don't know where the time goes these days - was pretty busy last week, between beginning the great clothes clearout and doing other stuff. Also go a cold and sore throat hanging on me all week, which means I seem to have a bit less energy.

Went to South Queensferry on Wednesday night. Took some nice photos of the bridges, but I still have to download them, so will post later in the week.

Went to see The Simpsons Movie on Thursday night - was so funny (but I'm reckoning if you're not a Simpsons fan you're not going to love it!!) - pity about the idiots who insisted on sitting right behind us (even though the cinema was half empty) and kicked and fidgeted all the way through it - you know the type - think spoiled uni student!!

S was working late on Friday, so we got a chippy for tea - was yummy and just chilled. Crappy weather on Saturday so I just did some housework and had a nap cos I was feeling crappy. Watched Unbreakable on Saturday night, I wasn't really in the mood, but thought it was great :D:D. Getting to be quite the Bruce Willis fan these days.
Finally got caught up with some jewellery yesterday, but will post photos of that later otherwise this blog will go on forever. Got my new BG 6x6 pads I had on pre-order today, so can't wait to get dinner eaten and have a try out of them - have a 70th birthday card to do for someone at G's work, so I have the perfect opportunity to try them out.
Tarraahhh for a bit xoxo

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