Thursday, August 23, 2007

(Smells Like) Chanel No 5

My kitchen that is. Had a 3/4 full bottle on the kitchen table last night and put a bag on the table when I got home, knocked a tupperware box, which then knocked the perfume onto my tiled floor. My fave scent is all around the flat now, but unfortunately not in the bottle (which is now in 2 pieces). Luckily Mum is going on holiday a week today so when I told her about it she said "at least now I won't have to ask what perfume you want me to bring you back!".
Really been enjoying the weather the last couple of days (and it's forecast to stay for the next 3 or 4 days as well!!!). Been driving around with my new Clash Singles CD blaring (6-month anniversary pressie from the lovely S). Off on holiday next week so hopefully I'll manage to catch some rays over the weekend and next week - would like to get a bit of colour in me before I go to Egypt in 8 weeks.
Got F & L coming round on Saturday, which will be really good, as me and F always have fun when we get together (I miss her living next door to me!)
Hopefully will get a chance to sit down and make some stuff next week, but obviously if the weather is good I may struggle. Really want to go to Edinburgh Zoo one day too.
toodles xoxo

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