Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week Off/Wee Cough

Off on annual leave this week, so not been around much to update. Still got my cough too, but it's definitely on the mend.
F & L came round Saturday night and we had a really nice time. Ordered new furniture for bedroom on Sunday, so it comes in a couple of weeks. Monday took Mum to Edinburgh to look for tiles, then to the Gyle (Mum hates driving in Edinburgh). Not sure what I'm up to today - want to go to the zoo one day, but thinking of doing that Friday. Looks like today is going to be nice though, so will do something.
Made some cards last night, but not got access to a scanner at home (I normally use the one in my office), so will try to take some photos instead...
...talking of photos, I'm getting right into this photography lark - really been enjoying the HS:MS challenges. Wish I had a better camera though (think S is going to get me one for crimbo). Saw one I really liked that wasn't too big, but still had 8 mega pixels and a 3x optical zoom - mine atm only has a digital zoom, which isn't as good.
Will be back later to post my pic for the day.

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