Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nightmare on Notnamedafteratree Street

For the past couple of weeks I've been having the most dreadful nightmares, ranging from ones which have me waking up in an ice-cold sweat, to the ones which are like hallucinations, to ones where I imagine my body is someplace else and incapable of doing things.
Don't know why I'm getting them, cos I don't have a guilty conscience about anything (apart from not going to the gym, but I went tonight).
Looking forward to going out on Friday, cos it seems to have been a really long week this week. Today was a pretty crap day - couldn't find a couple of things I was looking for, even though I was positive I knew where they were (doesn't help that there is loads of other stuff cluttering up my office at the moment). Think we're going up btw - meant to be going for something to eat first, but I'll wait and see what time they're going at - want to go to gym after work on Friday, so will never manage one of those ridiculous 7.30 starts.
I'm sure I must have something more interesting to say, but just can't think of it atm.
toodles xoxo


Kathy said...

welllll I think your guilty conscience may be about the lack of crafting you've been doing lately!

Come on Lisa, get your gluestick out and show us waht it's for :-]

LisaBabe said...

nope not about that Kathy, as I've been making a lot of jewellery for people - just that since I can't find my camara I'm ususally too close to the deadline to bring it into work and scan it.