Friday, February 23, 2007


Went to The Killers at the SECC last night - such a good gig - a massive 10/10 (my personal faves were Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll and All The Things That I've Done - so no surprises there - along with a great cover of Joy Division's Shadowplay).
The evening was not without its mishaps though. Firstly C tore ligaments in her ankle on Wendesday night, and admitted on Thursday afternoon that there was no way she'd be able to stand on it for that length of time - was really disappointed but we're going to try to get tickets for T in the Park to make up for it.
Then I got through to SECC, met up with B's friend A and discovered NO TICKETS!!!!! A was alright cos I'd given his to B last weekend. At first I thought maybe I had pulled mine out my bag when I got my gloves, so retraced steps, no result. Then I called Mum just in case, and asked her to go down to the flat to look - 10 mins later a phone call saying they were there with a bundle of stuff I had pulled out my bag to make it lighter.
Originally we were going to meet halfway, although the traffic heading back was going to be bad cos of that stupid tipper truck managing to lift its tipper right under a motorway overhead sign and getting well and truly stuck!!! Then my wonderful Mum had a brainwave - she'd jump on a train & meet us at Queen St. Station. So A and I walked up to Queen St - lucky I knew how to get there ok - picked up tickets and headed back to SECC - managed to get a taxi just by the river so saved some time too. Felt really guilty cos I didn't even know A and I'm dragging him all over Glasgow less than an hour before the gig due to start.
Off today, have some stuff to make for J's 60th birthday pressie for tomorrow - she's having a surprise party which should be nice - although it has a 7:30 start!!!!!
Bad thing is someone has put a dent in my car today - think it happened in Asda carpark, but can't be 100% sure it didn't happen at SECC last night.
Anyways off to do creative stuff, so TTFN xoxoxo


Miss Fee said...

I got stuck in that traffic jam last night as well :( almost 3 hours! was a nightmare - glad the Killers went ok for you =) need to meet to you on WoW sometime ;)

Freckles said...

Glad the gig rocked : ) still v jealous was thinking of you. Just picked up hire car, haven't forgotten how to drive! Have a great Sunday and I'll catch up with you next week xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynne.x said...

Glad you had a great time.
I got tickets for T in the park .... yay!!!!

Rhi said...

What a star your Mum is coming through with the tickets, glad it was a great gig and get well soon to your pal with the torn ligaments, ouch :(

Are you still up for the SECC in March?