Thursday, February 08, 2007

They're all ganging up on me!!!

My little machines, that is. First silly car decides not to go and then I was faffing about with my MP3 with gloves on and dropped him, now he has a hard disk problem and won't work :(:(:(:(:(
I suppose I will need to get a new one, but really could do without spending c.£200 (esp since I'm still not sure what is wrong with the car, although I think it is only a battery).
So, suffice to say I am in a total crap mood, plus have had a blinding headache all day and blurry eyes and really really bad hair.
The only good thing is that's I ordered my SLF ticket today :D:D:D - can't wait.
Off to have a bath now to cheer me up.
Toodles xoxo


Kathy said...

Lisa, I'm sorry I know I shouldn't laugh but when I got to the "plus I have really really bad hair" I just laughed right out loud.

Poor you, hope everything gets sorted/fixed/replaced soon and that your hair starts behaving nicely!

LisaBabe said...

Hehe Kathy, it's ok. I think the hair was because of the headache, not just me being vain :D:D

Car will be fixed on Monday & hair is back to normal badness :D:D

Kathy said...

Good to hear you sounding a bit happier Lisa!