Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stuff & Nonsense

Had a good weekend this week (well apart from cancelling on Miss JP last night - felt really bad about it but was shattered - just too old to do the 2 night in a row lark these days).
Friday I got the most gorgeous shoes in the world - will be more mention of footwear & recommended numbers etc later. Had decided on a tunic thing B had got & didn't suit, so I tried it on & I did suit it, then when I was buying THE SHOES I saw a nice frock on the way to the til so got that instead - even wore it on the day I bought it, which is not normal for me!! Went to btw with M, I & L - had a meal (kangaroo fajitas) and a few drinks (well quite a lot of drinks actually as I guzzled a bottle of red all to myself with dinner). Was a really really good night, topped off by the fact that when I was telling M that C and I had got tix for T in the Park, and was telling her the line-up, she told me that she had gotten us tix for the delectable Paolo Nutini at the end of April - so if you're reading this, M thnx - I love you to bits :D:
Saturday I was just faffing around and planning a quiet night, then Miss J P asked me to go through to Ed, was all up for it, but by the time I had been showered and it was time to get ready I was just so tired I couldn't face it - when you read this, J - I'm really really really sorry - love you to bits too and I promise I will make it up to you xoxo.
Went to bed around 12 on Sat night and had the most terrible nightmares (yet again!!) - S, maybe you're right and it was the cupboard monster. Have finally done THE CUPBOARD today (well apart from handbags) so will see if they stop now. Doing the cupboard brings me onto the next question: how many pairs of shoes is normal and how many is too much?? I have a fair few, but like them all (although the newest pair are deffo my fave). Should I bin my gorgeous shiny knee boots just cos I've not worn them for a couple of years?? What if I do, then want to wear them next weekend (now that I seem to have a social life again after last year)??? Plus they've brought me so many laughs when I couldn't get the bloody things on (or off), so I think I have to keep them :P:P Only actually getting rid of an old pair of boots, a pair of strappy sandals that need re-heeled and a pair of flip flops that were in a filing cabinet in my office for about 2 years, so I obviously won't miss them.
Anyways, not tackling the bags tonight - will do it during the week.
toodles little bloggy-types xoxo


Rhi said...

Ooooh we need to see a piccy of the new shoes!

Kathy said...

yep - need a pic Lisa!

Lynne.x said...

Put the knee high boots in the filing cabinet at work and if they are still there in 2 years and you haven't missed them - then you can chuck 'em ..... 8D

Freckles said...

No worries about Sat night, I left it late to ask you through, we will make up for it. Kangaroo - how could you eat skippy!! Have a great Friday night I'm off tomorrow xx