Sunday, February 25, 2007


My T in the Park tix that is :D:D:D - couldn't get weekend ones, but I managed to get 2 for the Sunday and C got 2 for the Saturday, so all's well.
Tis my birthday today, so heading up to Mum's later for some dinner. J's party was a hoot last night - me and G had such a laugh dancing to YMCA, Timewarp & Belle of Belfast City.
Did I mention I got T in the Park tickets :D:D:D:D:D:D


Lynne.x said...

Happy Birthday Lisa.
Glad you got tickets - me too ... 8D.

Enjoy your day hun...x

Miss Fee said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a good day =)

Saffa said...


Have a fab fab time!

Thanks alot for your sweet message! I'm still fuming over the whole course thing but looking for another whhich means another course fee but hey! We are not letting the scoundrel off that easy though.

Glad you got the tickets you were after!


Rhi said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, hope you have a fabby day :)
Rhi x

Jo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hve a fantstic day :)

jo xx

maggie said...

Hope you had a great birthday Lisa. i noticed you left a message for me to add to my blog but for some reason it wont let me publish it i managed to publish saffa's comment so god knows whats going on

Tracey said...

Happy belated birthday hun. really jealous about the T in the park tickets.
Are we still up for the SECC next month.