Monday, February 05, 2007

Dead & Digging

Dead - car had died on me overnight - little bugger that it is - cost me and arm & leg to get a cab to work (and was too dark when I got home to jump start it - why oh why do none of my family have anything practical like a torch!!) Meant I missed Photoshop tonight, so quite pissed about that.
Digging...into my past. I've been doing my family tree for a week now and it's coming on great - I'm back to c1720 on Mum's side and around 1815 on Dad's. It's really interesting, so going to pay a visit to the library (also going to make B take me to the graveyard in Whitburn cos she's from up that way and I don't really know where Whitburn is, let alone the graveyard in it - plus it's in the countryside and me and the country don't really see eye to eye).
Which has just reminded me I had a dream about cows last night - someone wanted me to walk through a field full of cows and I didn't want to go cos I knew they would chase me. Don't know what it means - probably just stay out of fields (actually, have I ever even been in a field?)
toodles til next time.

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Tracey said...

Hi Lisa
Just catching up with everyones blogs, Your family tree stuff sounds really interesting, would love to do this one day, Sorry to hear about the car,and that life isn't to great at the moment (((hugs))). Hope we can catch up soon, There was talk of the SECC in March if your up for it. Keep your chin up hun
Tracey xxx