Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turning Japanese

Part of the reason I've not been making many cards and have almost completely given up doing jewellery (although only on a temporary basis!!) is because I am so into cooking (and kitchen gadgets) at the moment. On my list is a decent food processor, a bread maker and an ice-cream maker. I tried out my first silicone baking tray at the weekend, and I loved it, so now I want a few more.

Anyways, on Saturday I decided to have a go at Sushi. I acquired a gadget called Sushi Magic and this was the result:

I was really pleased as it was the first time I've ever attempted it. But really it wasn't too difficult. The Californian rolls weren't quite right and I didn't have enough rice left over to make maki. The bowl in the top left has soy sauce and pickled ginger in the top right. I added some mini rice crackers in the middle bowl to balance things out. Obviously I made more than 4 pieces - here is the everything I made:

Stu the guinea-pig was well impressed. I think he thought at first it didn't look very much, but we couldn't finish it all between us as it was really filling.

I would definitely recommend having a go at making it, although I may have struggled without the Sushi Magic (it has moulds for the nigiri and has a rolling mat for the maki/Californian rolls, which was pretty easy to use.

Thanks for looking.


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