Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Things in General

Can't believe it's been almost a month since I blogged, but it's not been down to laziness - I've just had so much stuff going on. Work as hectic as every and now doing my Management Level 4 VQ as well. Also been having a bit of a clear out at home, so we can get things a bit more organised with 2 people's stuff.

We got rid of the kitchen table and chair, which weren't used that often (although I tended to use all the chairs and the table as extra surfaces to dump bags and stuff. Instead we now have this dresser:

Stu spied it in a charity shop on his way home from work one day, so it was an absolute bargain. I love it to bits.

Got all my wedding invites posted today (well apart from half a dozen I didn't have addresses for, but got those today, so they'll go tomorrow. Will post a pic in a couple of days once people have theres.

I did this jewellery set for a colleague of my sister. First time I've used purple, amber/topaz and turquoise together but I really liked it. In fact for once I didn't want to part with it - strange thing is S bought it to give as a present for her sister and didn't want to give it away either.

Pendant is Swarovski teardrop with glass beads hung on a dark brown ribbon and bracelet is assorted glass beads interspersed with 4 colours of purple Swarovski bicones.

Thanks for looking.

Toodles xoxo

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Nick said...

love the jewellery Lisa-what a gorgeous colour combination!