Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bambi in the Dock

Hey bloggy-types, a little story with a happy ending from me today. Got a call at work to say a baby deer was in the dock up to it's neck in water. This has happened before with other animals, but a little baby deer - poor thing. Luckily by the time we went to investigate the fire brigade and a tanker driver had fished Bambi out and he had done a runner - probably scared witless, but he'll hopefully learn a lesson.
All geared up with my wellies, cagoul and camping chair in preparation for T in the Park this weekend - have a feeling weather's not going to be great considering there's only be 2 days in the past 2.5 weeks when it hasn't rained and often the rain has been torrential, as I discovered to my misfortune last Thursday when I left my car window open whilst visiting Stu's Nan. Had a bit of a soggy bum all the way home!!!
Back to work yesterday and my office has been all nicely decorated. My new filing cabinets have also arrived, so I'll be a busy little bee over the next couple of weeks.
Wedding plans all going swimmingly (unlike little Bambi!). Printed out all the invites and stuck the ribbon on, although still have inserts to do and would like to add some crystals too.
Stu and I went to a re-launch at Westerwood a couple of weeks ago. Was very impressive, great meal, lovely room and fantastic service (plus it was all free which is always a bonus!!)
Thinking of starting to put recipes in a blog, but not sure whether to use this one or start a food one - feedback would be appreciated. I love reading recipe blogs and love cooking so it shouldn't be too difficult.
Still miles behind with making jewellery and cards. Just seem to have no mojo at all - hoping it will return soon.
Toodles for now xoxo

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