Tuesday, July 08, 2008

HS:MS Ring

I've not done the Her Space:My Space challenges for ages - but have really missed doing them.

Here's today's

A small circular band. Find a ring in your space today.

From left to right they are: silver zig zag ring bought in Mallorca, my gorgeous white gold and diamond engagement ring, silver ball ring bought in Ibiza and silver swirly ring bought locally. In case you can't guess, I love long rings.

Thanks for looking. xoxo


JanMary said...

Great rings - what a varied collection!

Sue Nicholson said...

Shouldn't, but LOL at your friends window, unfortunately did that many years ago BUT with the sunroof . . . yep very wet seats. Used binbags and towels to sit on for quite a few days!

Love rings, can't wear them due to arthritis making my fingers swell as the day progresses :-( And have very little gold, nearly all silver and junk stuff so your rings do appeal to me :-)

Bet it's been cold at the docks the past days, should I say weeks, I tell you what let's make it months :-D

Bambi said...

great rings! as for the game, it's ok (^_^) i thought it was short but i guess it's just me.