Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HS:MS - Cloud

The challenge for today at HS:MS was cloud

A mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.

I really struggled with this one, as the sky today when I was out was a total mass of one big humungous cloud, so I used one I took a couple of years ago in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza and made it into black & white in photoshop.

Week Off/Wee Cough

Off on annual leave this week, so not been around much to update. Still got my cough too, but it's definitely on the mend.
F & L came round Saturday night and we had a really nice time. Ordered new furniture for bedroom on Sunday, so it comes in a couple of weeks. Monday took Mum to Edinburgh to look for tiles, then to the Gyle (Mum hates driving in Edinburgh). Not sure what I'm up to today - want to go to the zoo one day, but thinking of doing that Friday. Looks like today is going to be nice though, so will do something.
Made some cards last night, but not got access to a scanner at home (I normally use the one in my office), so will try to take some photos instead...
...talking of photos, I'm getting right into this photography lark - really been enjoying the HS:MS challenges. Wish I had a better camera though (think S is going to get me one for crimbo). Saw one I really liked that wasn't too big, but still had 8 mega pixels and a 3x optical zoom - mine atm only has a digital zoom, which isn't as good.
Will be back later to post my pic for the day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HS:MS - Apple

Over on HS:MS today the word was Apple:

A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

This is a candle my sister's parner brought me back from a trip to New York.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Over on HS:MS the word for today was SUN.

Was really struggling to find anything here that related to sun, but did buy some sunflowers on Saturday, which haven't quite opened out yet (wasn't that keen to use them because a sunflower was the image used on the HS:MS blog and didn't want to copy, so made it as different as possible.

Friday, August 24, 2007

HS:MS - Stone

Everyone was right - I'm addicted to this already, so here's today's word:

A hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.

This first one I took when I was in town at Lunch time. It's the entrance to Falkirk Old Parish Church from the High Street.

The next one is some stones I have in a dish in the kitchen - faffed about in photoshop a bit with the image.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

HS:MS - White

Thought I'd have a go at the Her Space:My Space photo blog


The palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.

(Smells Like) Chanel No 5

My kitchen that is. Had a 3/4 full bottle on the kitchen table last night and put a bag on the table when I got home, knocked a tupperware box, which then knocked the perfume onto my tiled floor. My fave scent is all around the flat now, but unfortunately not in the bottle (which is now in 2 pieces). Luckily Mum is going on holiday a week today so when I told her about it she said "at least now I won't have to ask what perfume you want me to bring you back!".
Really been enjoying the weather the last couple of days (and it's forecast to stay for the next 3 or 4 days as well!!!). Been driving around with my new Clash Singles CD blaring (6-month anniversary pressie from the lovely S). Off on holiday next week so hopefully I'll manage to catch some rays over the weekend and next week - would like to get a bit of colour in me before I go to Egypt in 8 weeks.
Got F & L coming round on Saturday, which will be really good, as me and F always have fun when we get together (I miss her living next door to me!)
Hopefully will get a chance to sit down and make some stuff next week, but obviously if the weather is good I may struggle. Really want to go to Edinburgh Zoo one day too.
toodles xoxo

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here Comes the Bride... la la la. Saturday saw the wedding of the lovely Rhi and Matt. The reception was in Matt's parents stunning house and a fabby time was had by all. The bride was absolutely gorgeous (as you can see from the photos below). Scottish weather lived up to its reputation, but it still didn't put a dampner on things.

The wedding reception took place just outside of a little town called Kirriemuir, where S and I were staying, which was a really nice place - very friendly locals (plus the town was teeny yet there were 6 hairdressing salons!!!). There was a cracking statue of Peter Pan in the centre of town, because J M Barrie was born there. Statue was well cool and didn't look dwarved by its surroundings (unlike a certain little Greek God's statue at Picadilly Circus).

Soz it's taken me so long to post, but the sore throat I've had for the last week or so turned into a killer cough, so today is the first day this week I haven't gone to bed straight from work.

toodles xoxo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Wednesday...

S had no band practice cos P was on hols, we went for a run (a car run obviously, not a run run!!!) to South Queensferry to see the bridges. S had his new camera and phone-camera with him to try out and I had my old trusty cam. It was a beautiful evening and got some nice shots of the sun going down over the road bridge, but were at the wrong side of the bridge to get any sunset ones.

Forth Bridge:

Forth Road Bridge:

Both Bridges: Buildings/Statues:
View of the River from under the Bridge:

It didn't take us long to get there (about 20 mins) and we didn't stay long (about half an hour), but I did comment to S on the way home that actually we were very lucky living where we do, as there's so much to see within a 20-40 minute drive. We've also been to Lintlithgow Palace (once for a wander and once for a wedding) and Wallace Monument in the last couple of weeks, but we forgot the cameras.

toodles xoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

K Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies

boogie woogie!!!! Actually, I lied - no sounds of the seventies on my blog, just a seventieth birthday card I did for G's colleague. Managed to incorporate my fab new BG Recess papers into it - I love using new stuff :D:D

The scan's a teensy bit squint, but hey ho such is life .

Did I mention how much I love BG papers now. These are the ones I got on Monday, along with some scrummy English Paper Co ones I got at the tail end of last week (each bumper pack has 4 sheets of 36 designs!!)

Off for a bath now before Tribe comes on as it's one of my favourites. Also have promised S I'll dismantle the shoe racks that are cluttering up the dining room, so will do that whilst bath is running (it's so dark here today that it feels like nightime already and it's only 10 past 8!!)

Toodles bloogy-types xoxo

Monday, August 13, 2007

'Ere 'ere

I was asked to make a couple of pairs of earrings for a colleague to go with necklaces she had bought, so these are what I came up with (I realise the ones with the copper filligree beads would have looked better with copper earwires, but unfortunately she can only wear sterling silver in her ears (also the brown beads on the coppery ones are actually the same, but they are shaped differently all round, so the positioning on the scanner makes them look different).

I was also asked to do a couple of these pendants (one for a friend of Mum's and one for someone at work). Now Mum wants one too. All asked for one after seeing mine, which was actually a bit of a fluke cos I made mine up last year half an hour before I was going to a wedding and didn't know what to wear around my neck!!

Eeep - It can't possibly be a week since I last updated!!

Don't know where the time goes these days - was pretty busy last week, between beginning the great clothes clearout and doing other stuff. Also go a cold and sore throat hanging on me all week, which means I seem to have a bit less energy.

Went to South Queensferry on Wednesday night. Took some nice photos of the bridges, but I still have to download them, so will post later in the week.

Went to see The Simpsons Movie on Thursday night - was so funny (but I'm reckoning if you're not a Simpsons fan you're not going to love it!!) - pity about the idiots who insisted on sitting right behind us (even though the cinema was half empty) and kicked and fidgeted all the way through it - you know the type - think spoiled uni student!!

S was working late on Friday, so we got a chippy for tea - was yummy and just chilled. Crappy weather on Saturday so I just did some housework and had a nap cos I was feeling crappy. Watched Unbreakable on Saturday night, I wasn't really in the mood, but thought it was great :D:D. Getting to be quite the Bruce Willis fan these days.
Finally got caught up with some jewellery yesterday, but will post photos of that later otherwise this blog will go on forever. Got my new BG 6x6 pads I had on pre-order today, so can't wait to get dinner eaten and have a try out of them - have a 70th birthday card to do for someone at G's work, so I have the perfect opportunity to try them out.
Tarraahhh for a bit xoxo

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad Bad Bad...

...blogger that I am - it's been over a week since I last updated, but I've been mega busy starting my clearout, going out and about and generally just hanging out with S.

Got a fair few pieces of jewellery and cards I must do this week - managed to get a couple of pendants done tonight so far, and hopefully a couple of pairs of earrings and shorten a necklace before the end of the night.

Got some cracking bumper 6x6 pads made by
The English Paper Company today, but they're probably not suitable for the cards I have to do this week (especially since one of the pads is for crimbo).

Went to a wedding reception with S on Saturday night. Was in
The Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh. Was really nice, but S and I nearly died when we ordered 2 small (teeny 125ml) glasses of house red and it came to £10.30!!! Luckily we found out it was just under £8 for a pint and a G&T so we stuck to them after that. As the Festival and Fringe are on at the moment there were extra late trains home, but my feet (clad in sensible flat sandals after hurting my ankle last week) blistered/ terribly cos we had to walk to Waverley in the pissing rain as the lateys weren't stopping at Haymarket :(:(:(. Couldn't do much on Sunday as feet were too sore and tender to burst the blisters (and one of them was chokka with blood) so just lay around all day - they were much better by yesterday though (lucky for me I'm a very quick healer).

Watched The Illusionist on Sunday night. It was really good, but I think I still preferred The Prestige (although the stories are both about magicians, there are very little other similarities). The acting was great though and the ending was quite sweet. It was more of a love story, whereas The Prestige was more of a tale of professional rivalry

S and I were off yesterday, so went into town to pay holiday. S got some shirts and shorts and stuff too. Then went to visit Mum and got roped into lifting a carpet and demolishing a wardrobe, but it was fun. Charley (sister's dog) was there as G & A were working, and she was being really naughty which isn't like her but was quite funny :D.

Nothing else to report cos went back to work today.

Will hopefully have some photos next time I post.

Toodles xoxo