Friday, October 27, 2006

Feelgood Friday

Wooohoooo – the weekend is finally here – is it only me who feels this has been a long long week. Things for me still going great – probably the happiest I’ve been in quite a while – my reflection period is doing me the world of good.

Meeting with L, N & R on Sunday – sure we’ll have fun (cos we always do).

I really must put some effort into stripping the hall this weekend – I know you regular readers will be thinking “she can’t still be doing that, it’s been going on for months now”, but it is amazing how quickly I seem to be able to become accustomed to the squat-look (just ask anyone who saw the paint splodges in my living room for most of last year!!).

Apart from that I think all I’ll be doing is general catching up with my friends. Need to see Mum & G at some point too.

Oh and found a voucher for M&S in my brown bag earlier in the week (hadn’t used the bag since last winter) so Percy Pig heaven here I come…

The only slightly frustrating thing at the moment is that I don’t know how to work my heating (even though I’ve lived here for almost 8 years), so it’s just sort of pot luck messing around with the timer – perhaps I’ll get it tomorrow.



Bex said...

Hiya Lisa

Thanks for popping by - Just to let you know that if I clicked on your name in my comments section it linked to your profile - but with no mention of this blog..........
You may want to look into it so peeps can find you (I had you bookmarked)
Enjoy shopping this weekend - not muchly jealous ...............
Love and hugs

Kathy said...

Have a great time with The Girls Lisa!

Maybe they'll help with stripping the walls if you ask nicely....