Monday, January 28, 2008


My dress is here, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Even better than I imagined. Love it to bits :D:D:D:D
New furniture came on Sat but not had time to build it yet as I was a tad hung over yesterday :(
Stu got us Guitar Hero and Zelda for the Wii on Friday - great fun, but amazing how half an hour suddenly turns into over 3 hours. Also renewed my WoW subs yesterday, so looks like the next few weeks will be a bit of a gamesfest.
Not got round to making much over the weekend, although might do a bit later on tonight - want to finish off clearing my desk first through (almost there with it!!).
Just a fleeting visit tonight, so toodles for now xoxo

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of stuff to show yet again - just don't know where the time has gone the last couple of weeks - don't seem to be sticking to my strict 9-5 rule at work very much - I promise I will next week though. Got another of my items for the Craft Fairies DT started, but going to wait til it's completed to show.
Apart from that I don't think anything much has happened - crappy blog, I know but sometimes we all have weeks like that. Been clearing out a lot of house stuff so that takes time I suppose - you should see the big hall cupboard now - wow I keep opening the door and walking in right up to the end, just because I can!!
Still no sign of the wedding dress - been a bit of a screw-up with the shop, but should get it all sorted out by the weekend. Wish the top layers of my hair would hurry up and grown down a bit as desperate to get it cut -I look so hideously frumpy at the moment. Also need to sit down and work on some ideas for invites - would like to get the outsides done in plenty time so that all I have to do later on in the year is add the inserts.
Roof still not fixed yet, as the weather has been pretty awful, but luckily doesn't seem to be much water getting in - just a few drips if it's really heavy rain and blowing a certain way.
Sorry for boring you all to sleep with this posting, bloggyy-types - promise I'll have more exciting news soon (well I will if anything exciting happens!!)
Toodles xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2008


Can't quite believe how much Stu and I achieved lately. Since Thursday, as well as being at work full time, we have managed to set a date for the wedding (1 November 2008), book a venue, photographer and DJ, agree on 90% of the guest list and 75% of the menu, oh and I've ordered a dress to try as well!! Now that I've seen the venue, I have a fair idea of how I want the day to look, although there's no chance of my becoming a bridezilla as I'm pretty laid back about it all.
On the downside, I woke up yesterday morning to a large puddle on the kitchen floor - looks like the storm last week did a fair bit of damage to the roof. Dealing with it through the buildings insurance, but let's just say when my policy comes up for renewal I certainly won't be going back with Direct Line - because I'm in a flat they are only willing to send me a cheque for 1/6 of the cost, instead of getting all the other owners insurance details and then claiming it back from then, so I'm having to do all the legwork, meanwhile the water is coming in through my kitchen light and obviously I can't get the electric wiring looked at and fixed until the roof is done.
I did have a list of things I was going to make tonight, but cos of all the hassle earlier, I just had something to eat then a mega long bath. Got a couple of things to do for tomorrow, then may make a couple of cards, or may just play Super Mario Galaxy instead - just a couple of stars I promise ;D
Watched the darts final last night - was well exciting. Can't wait for the PDC game to come out on the Wii - it was meant to be this week, but it's now been put back til 08/02.
See you all soon bloggy-types.
Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First Offerings...

...of the year and for the Craft Fairies DT. I still have lots of goodies to work my way through, but thought I'd post my first efforts.

Here are the goodies I got:

So far I've made this:

Covered using DCWV card and paper I had in my box. Flower were also part of my DT goodies. Ric rac was stuff I already had. Twill hanger was part of packaging in a set of bedsheets. Font is QK Sunshine.

and this:

Used paper and sparkly card I got from my local craft shop, flowers again from the DT goody bag and handled made using seed beads and wire. I then covered the inside of the card in a matching pink:

Will hopefully have more finished in the next couple of days.

Called about my missing order from Ellison today and was told it was despatched on 18/12 and that apparently DHL couldn't find a location for the address - a bit odd as I was getting it delivered to work and DHL are in there almost every day (so much so that our Receptionist is on first name terms with the driver). Hopefully it will turn up in the next couple of days now though - I'm really getting desperate for the stuff now (especially as it was a Christmas pressie).

Anyways gotta jet now - hope you're all having a good 2008 so far, bloggy-types.

Toodles xoxo

Sick of Winter

Ugh spent the start of the week with my head stuck down the toilet - no joke when it's 03:00 and your're trying to yawn and puke at the same time :(
Better now though, although a bit tired tonight as it was nearly 5 when I got to sleep this morning because of the wind then back up just ater 7. Was pretty wild here last night - this street seems to turn into a wind tunnel if the wind is blowing a certain way. Oh also, I appear to have lost my wheelie bin - looked for it tonight when I got home, but couldn't see it - must've blown off into the night a la Wizard of Oz!!
Not been up to much else really - new washing machine arrived on Saturday, so that's made life a bit easier as I've been taking washing to Mum's and Stu's for the last couple of weeks.
Just going to have a chilling weekend this week - weather crappy outside and flat all cosy inside, so no contest there really. Would love to spend some time making stuff (which reminds me I need to borrow the stuff I made for Mum at Crimbo to photograph). I'd also like to spend some time on my family tree as I've really neglected it lately - there just never seem to be enough hours in the day...
... oh and of course can't forget the darts is on the telly :D:D:D:D:D