Monday, January 14, 2008


Can't quite believe how much Stu and I achieved lately. Since Thursday, as well as being at work full time, we have managed to set a date for the wedding (1 November 2008), book a venue, photographer and DJ, agree on 90% of the guest list and 75% of the menu, oh and I've ordered a dress to try as well!! Now that I've seen the venue, I have a fair idea of how I want the day to look, although there's no chance of my becoming a bridezilla as I'm pretty laid back about it all.
On the downside, I woke up yesterday morning to a large puddle on the kitchen floor - looks like the storm last week did a fair bit of damage to the roof. Dealing with it through the buildings insurance, but let's just say when my policy comes up for renewal I certainly won't be going back with Direct Line - because I'm in a flat they are only willing to send me a cheque for 1/6 of the cost, instead of getting all the other owners insurance details and then claiming it back from then, so I'm having to do all the legwork, meanwhile the water is coming in through my kitchen light and obviously I can't get the electric wiring looked at and fixed until the roof is done.
I did have a list of things I was going to make tonight, but cos of all the hassle earlier, I just had something to eat then a mega long bath. Got a couple of things to do for tomorrow, then may make a couple of cards, or may just play Super Mario Galaxy instead - just a couple of stars I promise ;D
Watched the darts final last night - was well exciting. Can't wait for the PDC game to come out on the Wii - it was meant to be this week, but it's now been put back til 08/02.
See you all soon bloggy-types.
Toodles xoxo

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Miss Fee said...

So glad the wedding plans are coming along nicely =) so exited cant wait! Sounds like you are having a nightmare with the leak - will make mental note not to get Direct Line insurance when we move!
We have mario super galaxy too, its sooo addictive, we should have a Wii party much better than singstar lol!
Off to see lots of flats this weekend so hopefully might get southing outta it....
will keep ya posted.
love to you and stu