Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of stuff to show yet again - just don't know where the time has gone the last couple of weeks - don't seem to be sticking to my strict 9-5 rule at work very much - I promise I will next week though. Got another of my items for the Craft Fairies DT started, but going to wait til it's completed to show.
Apart from that I don't think anything much has happened - crappy blog, I know but sometimes we all have weeks like that. Been clearing out a lot of house stuff so that takes time I suppose - you should see the big hall cupboard now - wow I keep opening the door and walking in right up to the end, just because I can!!
Still no sign of the wedding dress - been a bit of a screw-up with the shop, but should get it all sorted out by the weekend. Wish the top layers of my hair would hurry up and grown down a bit as desperate to get it cut -I look so hideously frumpy at the moment. Also need to sit down and work on some ideas for invites - would like to get the outsides done in plenty time so that all I have to do later on in the year is add the inserts.
Roof still not fixed yet, as the weather has been pretty awful, but luckily doesn't seem to be much water getting in - just a few drips if it's really heavy rain and blowing a certain way.
Sorry for boring you all to sleep with this posting, bloggyy-types - promise I'll have more exciting news soon (well I will if anything exciting happens!!)
Toodles xoxo

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