Saturday, September 29, 2007


... Fee and Lee, on getting engaged last night. Thrilled to bits when I heard the news - so was Stu. See you soon for a wee celebration!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


... card for a while from me - it's not that I've been lazy - just making them so tight to the deadlines that I haven't had time to do a scan of them.

Made this one for Stewart's mum - it's actually her birthday tomorrow, but they're going to France so we're going to drop pressies round tonight.

I used Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling papers, and glitter card. Flowers cut using Bosskuts dies and text is QK Sunshine.

Got my last 2 jabs for Egypt today and I promised the nurse I would deffo go for a Hep A booster next year, cos then I will be covered for Hep A for the next 20 years and no blood test to see if I'm immune needed - added bonus because of my needle phobia and crap veins.

Watching Stu's mum & dad's doggy this weekend whilst they're in France. Will take some jewellery stuff over with me though - might even take my Cuttlebug and dies.

Have a lovely weekend bloggy peeps.

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HS:MS - Jug

The HS:MS word for today is:
A container from which eases the pouring of liquid. Show us your jugs! A-hem.

I got this a couple of years ago when my Dad's aunt & uncle moved into a home. It's been shoved at the back of a cupboard ever since, as I thought it was a bit hideous. Who knows - perhaps I'll keep it out for a couple of days and see if it grows on me (seriously doubt it though!!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Over at HS:MS the word for today was:


A natural (often man made!) material to soak up liquids. Show us a sponge in your space.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4 Weeks... I'll be on the Nile - really really can't wait.

Been a long day at work today - started at 7 and didn't get finished til 6, so going to have some dinner and a nice long bath.

Have a couple of cards to make tonight for someone at work - both halloween themed ones, as the little girls they are for both have birthdays around about the spooky day!

All my plans for last weekend went completely tits up, as poor Stu got sent home from work on Friday with a stomach bug and has only started to feel better today, so no meal, wedding or lunch for us - we're going for dinner this Friday instead :D and lunch on Sun.

Was off work on Monday, but spent the day in the house keeping S company (my good deed for the year). Managed to make loads of fimo stuff for card toppers and got a few die cuts done too :D.

Also been spending some time making my Swarovski Christmas spiders - just in case I'm lucky enought to get a rush on them.

Toodles for now, bloggy-types. I'll be back later in the week with stuff xoxo

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wo-o-o it's magic...

...or not as the case may be. Tried to sign up for the magic course starting at college next Monday night, but it was fully booked - I was so gutted - had visions of me wowing all my friends, family and colleagues with my fantastic new magical skills - hope they run it again in the next session - I'll be bashing down the door to get into it.
Was the lovely Stewart's birthday yesterday - all the 3s 33 - hahaha nearly as old as me. Lucky monkey was off work yesterday so I think he just chilled and watched dvds. Came up to mine a night for more pressies and a Chinese for tea. Taking him to a local restaurant, La Picardie, which specialises in rustic French food (and has the added bonus of being a 5 minute walk away!!!) Not been before, but G & A have and liked it, so looking forward to trying it out.
Got to get my Typhoid jab for Egypt tomorrow - looking forward to it like a hole in the head as I have a bit of a needle phobia - I've had it twice before, so know it doesn't hurt anywhere like it used to, but last time I nearly fainted going from the chemist to the docs with my prescription. Thing is, there are a lot of junkies living round about my docs so all I could thing was "please don't let me pass out in the street in the middle of the afternoon" (rofl especially carrying an injection syringe & needle thingy). Got to pick Mum up from the airport after work tomorrow too - hopefully she had a good time :D:D.
Tha's all for today - need to get caught up on various challenges, but this week seems to have run away with me (again!!)
Toodles xoxo
p.s. Might have a bit of Stu's toffee cake with a cuppa before bed, cos last night they all had a bit of the chocolate one, but I don't like chocolate cake!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

HS:MS - Feast

Over at HS:MS the word for today was:

A large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.

G gave me these for going round to let Charley out at lunchtimes when mum was on hols and she was at work. Was a pleasure actually cos Charley's gorgeous and she's so well behaved.

Anyways she happened to have a pack of M&S Jelly Belly Beans lying around for her frien'd birthday and I mentioned how much I loved Jelly Bellies and didn't know that M&S did them, so tada now I have some. Don't like the liquorice ones though - ugh.

Looks like a certain Mr Percy Pig may have competition for a space in my tummy now!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

HS:MS - Hold

I've missed a couple of the HS:MS challenges, but was back for today's
To grasp, carry or support with your hands. Find 'hold' in your space.

Had the idea to do a sort of Madonna-esque shot, but it didn't really work, so I added a rough pastel filter in Photoshop - not sure about the result - suppose of I look at it with my eyes half shut it could look a bit album cover-ish.

Wild Wednesday!!!!

Thought I'd add an exciting title to my life today, not that anything much has been happening.
Stewart's still away with the band recording and I miss him cos he makes me laugh so much and keeps me company.

Managed to fill a black bag of stuff from the spare room - need to get rid of odds & sods still lying around, but I reckon I'll get so sick of looking at them that I won't need to decide what to do with them - they'll prob just go in the bin.

Have decided as of tomorrow to try to train myself not to be faff around so much - no wonder I never seem to get anything made anymore, because it seems to be bedtime every night before I even realise it. Don't know where to begin, so any tips gladly received.

Have to make a card for J tonight, as it's her birthday on Friday. Did one for G to give her last night - did my fave at the moment which is a big hand cut Japanese doll on A4 folded in half card. There is a 2cm border of cream card round it, but I sort of screwed up the scan.

Going to the first Scottish Bead Fair with N on Sunday - really looking forward to it, although as per usual at these things, it seems to be happening when I'm completely skint (or maybe I'm just always skint!!).

S's birthday on Tuesday so going to make him a nice theme cake (he reads this blog, but don't have to worry about putting any ideas here, cos I don't have any :P:P:P:P:P)

Toodles for a bit xoxo

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ugh, nose back to the grindstone

Yup, as of tomorrow I'm back at work. I've really enjoyed my week off (although not done my diet for going on holiday any good). Went for lunch on Wednesday with S to Orroco Pier. I had sea bass with sweet potato & chorizo - it was absolutely gorgeous.
Thursday I had a team building day at work (meant I only had to take 4 days off if I went to this). Wasn't really looking forward to the outdoorsy bit in the morning, but I had a fantastic time, although one of my elbows still hurts like hell.
Friday just did shopping-type stuff. Got my Christmas camera from S - lucky he let me look at it again when I got home before hiding it away cos the shop gave us the wrong one (but charged us for the one I wanted which was more expensive), so had to take it back. S made dinner on Friday night - I got some Champagne and a nice bottle of red as a treat as he's away on holiday up north with his band (recording new stuff) from yesterday until next Sat (so I'll be all lonely cos Mum's on holiday too and B is off to Turkey).
Started tidying the spare room today - seems like no time at all since I last gutted it and had it all nice - don't know how on earth I manage to accumulate so much stuff in such a short time!!!
Nothing else to report I'm afraid.
Toodles xoxo

HS:MS - Dish & Chew

I'm a bit late with these 2, but the words for Thursday and Friday were:

A shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.

This is a dish I have in the dining room - I keep a maraca, which my Dad pinched from a bar in Spain before I was born, in it.


To bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.

This is a pic of a choo choo (or chew chew) train I took on Wednesday. Ok I cheated, but it was that or my ugly mouth eating a biscuit ;)