Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wo-o-o it's magic...

...or not as the case may be. Tried to sign up for the magic course starting at college next Monday night, but it was fully booked - I was so gutted - had visions of me wowing all my friends, family and colleagues with my fantastic new magical skills - hope they run it again in the next session - I'll be bashing down the door to get into it.
Was the lovely Stewart's birthday yesterday - all the 3s 33 - hahaha nearly as old as me. Lucky monkey was off work yesterday so I think he just chilled and watched dvds. Came up to mine a night for more pressies and a Chinese for tea. Taking him to a local restaurant, La Picardie, which specialises in rustic French food (and has the added bonus of being a 5 minute walk away!!!) Not been before, but G & A have and liked it, so looking forward to trying it out.
Got to get my Typhoid jab for Egypt tomorrow - looking forward to it like a hole in the head as I have a bit of a needle phobia - I've had it twice before, so know it doesn't hurt anywhere like it used to, but last time I nearly fainted going from the chemist to the docs with my prescription. Thing is, there are a lot of junkies living round about my docs so all I could thing was "please don't let me pass out in the street in the middle of the afternoon" (rofl especially carrying an injection syringe & needle thingy). Got to pick Mum up from the airport after work tomorrow too - hopefully she had a good time :D:D.
Tha's all for today - need to get caught up on various challenges, but this week seems to have run away with me (again!!)
Toodles xoxo
p.s. Might have a bit of Stu's toffee cake with a cuppa before bed, cos last night they all had a bit of the chocolate one, but I don't like chocolate cake!

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Hazel said...

Hope you enjoyed the meal. Shame about the magic course. As for the injection, I'm with you on that. I've got to go tomorrow for a pneumonia jab (GP has recommended it because I had pneumonia badly at the beginning of this year). I hate injections - am a right wimp. Strange thing is that John, being diabetic, has injected every day for sixty odd years - and I can even give them to him if necessary, but still quake at the thoughts of having one myself.