Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4 Weeks... I'll be on the Nile - really really can't wait.

Been a long day at work today - started at 7 and didn't get finished til 6, so going to have some dinner and a nice long bath.

Have a couple of cards to make tonight for someone at work - both halloween themed ones, as the little girls they are for both have birthdays around about the spooky day!

All my plans for last weekend went completely tits up, as poor Stu got sent home from work on Friday with a stomach bug and has only started to feel better today, so no meal, wedding or lunch for us - we're going for dinner this Friday instead :D and lunch on Sun.

Was off work on Monday, but spent the day in the house keeping S company (my good deed for the year). Managed to make loads of fimo stuff for card toppers and got a few die cuts done too :D.

Also been spending some time making my Swarovski Christmas spiders - just in case I'm lucky enought to get a rush on them.

Toodles for now, bloggy-types. I'll be back later in the week with stuff xoxo

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Hazel said...

That Christmas spider is stunning! Hope Stu is feeling better. Gosh, you had a long day today. Hope you managed to get the cards done.