Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wild Wednesday!!!!

Thought I'd add an exciting title to my life today, not that anything much has been happening.
Stewart's still away with the band recording and I miss him cos he makes me laugh so much and keeps me company.

Managed to fill a black bag of stuff from the spare room - need to get rid of odds & sods still lying around, but I reckon I'll get so sick of looking at them that I won't need to decide what to do with them - they'll prob just go in the bin.

Have decided as of tomorrow to try to train myself not to be faff around so much - no wonder I never seem to get anything made anymore, because it seems to be bedtime every night before I even realise it. Don't know where to begin, so any tips gladly received.

Have to make a card for J tonight, as it's her birthday on Friday. Did one for G to give her last night - did my fave at the moment which is a big hand cut Japanese doll on A4 folded in half card. There is a 2cm border of cream card round it, but I sort of screwed up the scan.

Going to the first Scottish Bead Fair with N on Sunday - really looking forward to it, although as per usual at these things, it seems to be happening when I'm completely skint (or maybe I'm just always skint!!).

S's birthday on Tuesday so going to make him a nice theme cake (he reads this blog, but don't have to worry about putting any ideas here, cos I don't have any :P:P:P:P:P)

Toodles for a bit xoxo

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