Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Catch-up

Had a pretty chilling weekend this week, which is just what I needed. Did the weekly shop on Friday for a change (I didn't like it as much as doing it on Sat mornings) and got 3 nice bottles of wine from Asda. Stu made dinner and we watched Shawn of the Dead, which was quite good.
On Sat J came round for lunch. I made crab cakes from a James Martine recipe, but to be honest next time I would use a different recipe as I felt they were too mushy (hence no photo) - they tasted ok though.
Sat night Stu made a lovely chicken dopiaza and rice using the red saffron we brought back from Egypt. Watched the remake of the Omen, which was pretty good for a remake, but still not as good as the original and little Damian wasn't half as cute.
On Sunday we went to visit Stu's grandparents - was nice to finally meet them. His uncle and little cousins were there too, so it was a bit of a houseful. Commandeered a wee shot of his cousin's Nintendo DS which was well fun. Stu made dinner again on Sunday night. Garlic mushrooms then pork chops with nice seasoning and mash followed by rhubarb crumble and custard - was well yummy, but I've had to be good today.
Got a couple of cards to make for Mum tonight and I need to dig out some beads as I have a necklace to make for someone too - need to give her a call tomorrow afternoon to find out exactly what she would like.
Will be back soon with the next installment of the Egypt trip.
Toodles xoxo

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Lynne said...

Oh Lisa - I love my DS, and the BIG brain training. There is a relaxation game on the second one that I am totally addicted to. I'm asking Santa for TetrisDS - I loved playing that on the gameboy.