Monday, November 26, 2007


Nope, not the Californian airport, but me!!! It really doesn't seem like 2 weeks since I last blogged. Still not quite over the stomach bug I had when I came back from hols - now been to docs twice in 3 weeks (usually I'm only there twice a year for routine stuff). Anyways hopefully it's on the turn now (I'm not ill or anything now, just a little below par and sporadic stomach upsets etc).

Anyways, onto the happy stuff now. Had a lovely chilling weekend with Stu (well apart from me working on Saturday), watched the darts & movies. Finally saw the new Vinnie Jones one they gave away with one of the Sunday papers - was actually really good.

I now no longer have to work a full Friday for the rest of the year, as I'm away in the afternoons for xmas lunch on 2 of them and on annual leave days the other 3 - so happy cos I love being off on a Friday (even though it's a shorter day/longer lunch break etc).

Got my first DT kit from Craft Fairies and it's well gorgeous. Can't wait to get stuck in about it :D:D

Toodles for now xoxo

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