Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Back!!!!!

Yup, back from holidays with an extremely dodgy tummy (hence why I'm writing this during the day cos off work) and lots of good news.

Holiday was amazing. Visited lots of places and took loads of photos (well I took about 100 before my camera packed in, but
Stewart took about 400 so I can share his). I'll post a day-by-day breakdown with photos when I'm feeling a bit better (luckily didn't start to feel ill until about 6 hrs after we landed at Gatwick so was only suffering on the flight back to Edinburgh, which only took 45 mins), as I don't want to post just a mishmash.

Good news time now - me and Stewart got engaged!!!!! Really happy and excited about it, although it's quite a lot to take in. We were going to go ring shopping at the weekend, but we've had to postpone it until next weekend, because of my dodgy tummy. We haven't set a date or anything yet - just going to chill until after crimbo then Stu will sell his flat and we'll start making plans then.

Also when I got home I discovered I had made it onto the Craft Fairies Design Team - my first ever DT, so all very exciting (and just a bit scary!!). Really looking forward to working with Lisa and the rest of the team to see what we all come up with :D:D

Ocean Colour Scene tix arrived when I was away as well - finally make up for not being able to get into the tent the last 2 times I've been at T in the Park.

...and finally I was thrilled to get this award from both
Lynne and Rhi. I'd like to pass it on to Fee, Miss JP and Stu, who all make me smile every day.

See you all soon with holiday photos and stuff

Toodles xoxo


Freckles said...

Aw I can't wait to meet up and hear all about it : ) So EXCITING! Congrats on making it on the design team, you will have to fill me in on the particulars of that one. Hope that the tummy bug clears up quickly. Lots of love and hugs Jo xx
PS You make me smile too : )

Lynne said...

Yay, yay & yay again.

Congratulations on all your great news, you really had me smiling with it all.

Hope your tummy is on the mend.

maggieb said...

Great news Lisa glad you had a great holiday will look forward to seeing the photo's.Hope your tummy bug clears up soon.xx

Hazel said...

Congratulations to you both!! Fab news. Shame about the dodgy tummy - hope you're soon better.

Rhi said...

Congratulations! Such fantastic news, you must be so excited about both your announcements! I'm made up for you both. Looking forward to seeing the holiday pics :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better by now.

Rhi x

Rachel said...

What great news - congratulations - how exciting!!!!!!!!


Andrea said...

Congratulations on your engagement. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Paula said...

Woo hoo congratulations!!
Hope the tummy clears up soon so you can get on with the celebrating

Nickynoo said...

That's fab news, big congrats! Well done on the DT too :0).

Jules said...

Wow! Huge congratulations on the engagement and making the design team. Well done!!!

Jules x

Miss Fee said...

Conratulations honey =) Need to meet up soon to hear all about it! So happy for you both.
Lee says congrat too =)
Hope you feel better too and looking forward to seeing the pics
Fee ~xx~