Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The word at HS:MS for yesterday was...

A Piece of thick, stiff paper. Find 'card' in your space today.

I did this card for a colleague to give to a little girl who has a brithday around Halloween (I actually did 2 the same with different names, as she wanted them for 2 girls who live 100s of miles apart).

Actually struggled with it a bit, as I felt everything just looked a bit plonked on, but the buyer really liked them and said the kids will love them.

Also got a card done for Fee and Lee but don't want to post it here until I've posted it through her door.

Only 2 weeks til the hols now - think I've got everything sorted apart from insurance and a pair of black trousers (and still plenty of time to sort those out).

Mum goes into hospital for her first knee replacement op - hope her recovery is ok, as her good knee is worse than her bad one atm - with any luck she'll get her other one done just after Christmas.

That's my update for today - must dash and put new tax disc on car as I've had it for a couple of weeks but keep forgetting to put it on!!!

Toodles xoxo


Hazel said...

Hope your mum's op goes OK xx

maggieb said...

Great card Lisa hope your mum's op goes well my mum has had 2 knee replacments & she now thinks she's a teenager she is pain free for the first time in years. XX

Miss Fee said...

Hope your mum's op goes ok and tell her I'm asking for her xx

Saffa said...

Great card Lisa, hope everything goes well for your mum!

Rhi said...

Best of luck to your Mum with the op. Sorry I haven't popped by your blog in so long, great to hear about your holiday, the nile sounds Amazing! I guess it means you can't make the SECC but It's not a patch really is it!

See you soon

Rhi :)