Thursday, March 22, 2007

18 Days...

... since I last updated and don't know where to begin. Things going great right now. Still probably working too much but it's fine :D:D Nearly nightclasses easter holiday so will have 2 weeks of chilling at home when I get home from work.
Stiff Little Fingers on Saturday were dead good - horrific drive through to Glasgow though - at one point I even thought about turning back cos the visibility was so bad - but I perservered and it was well worth it - plus weather was ok coming back home.
Getting hair cut on Tuesday - can't wait cos it is driving me insane!!
Really really looking forward to the weekend :D:D:D:D
Promise I won't leave it as long to update next time.
Toodles xoxoxo


Lynne.x said...

Glad things are going well for you just now Lisa.

Kathy said...

Hi Lisa

Just catching up with Lisa's Life!

Have a good Easter break

Tracey said...

Great to hear you sounding so happy hun. Really need to catch up again soon, I need all the gossip.
Love Tracey